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Police Plain Talk articles are points of interest and safety to the community. The weekly Plain Talk article will be posted right here along with the previous 2 articles. Come back weekly to view the newest article.

  • Selling a Vehicle
  • United Way's First Call: 2-1-1
  • Citizens' Police Academy
  • February 22, 2014
    Selling a Vehicle

    When selling a vehicle on your own to a private party, it is important to remember the following:

    • License plates must be removed from all passenger cars, light trucks, and motorcycles mopeds upon transferring the title.
      The plates are registered in the seller's name; and, therefore, they belong only to the seller.
    • The signed and date title must go to the buyer at the same time they take possession of the vehicle. If you, the seller, maintain the title until the buyer has paid you the full amount for the vehicle, you will be responsible for any and all parking tickets and other events, such as accidents involving the vehicle, because it is still registered in your name.
    • Keep a record with the name and address of the party you are selling to.
      It is important that you verify the information provided to you by the buyer. On occasion the buyer will not register the vehicle, and any parking tickets or other events involving the vehicle will be directed to the seller, because the vehicle is still registered in your name. With the name and address of the buyer, you can show this as proof that the vehicle was sold to another party, and they are responsible for it.

    By following the above three rules, you the seller will be able to avoid any confusion and inconvenience that may be incurred following the sale of a vehicle to a private party.

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    February 15, 2014
    United Way's First Call: 2-1-1

    Do you have a question, a problem, or don't know where to turn? Community information and referrals are just a phone call away...dial 2-1-1.

    This community service connects you to the following.

    • Basic needs assistance
    • Education and training
    • Family services
    • Financial assistance
    • Civic organizations and social clubs
    • Children and elderly services
    • Physical and mental health care
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Support groups
    • Transportation and housing

    The United Way's First Call 2-1-1 service is free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day every day. It serves Adams, Clark and Wood counties. Its web site is

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    February 8, 2014
    Citizens' Police Academy

    The Marshfield Police Department has revamped its citizen's police academy program. We will be holding classes on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for six (6) consecutive weeks, starting April 8, 2014. Class size is limited to 20 adults.

    The goals of the citizens' police academy are:

    • To provide citizens a working knowledge of law enforcement operations, including support staff.
    • To strengthen law enforcement/community relations.
    • To obtain valued feedback from the community through citizen participation.
    • To increase citizen knowledge about police functions.
    • To enhance employee's instructor training skills.

    The above objectives are met with the use of hands-on interactive experiences in areas such as crime scene investigations; SWAT tactics; utilization of police department firearms at the police range; and observe firsthand how the K-9 unit performs its duties.

    If you are interested in participating, please call Peggy at 384-0800 between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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