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Historic Preservation

Historic preservation helps keep the history and heritage of a community alive.  Historic preservation can improve the climate for development and provide an economically stable base for businesses and homeowners.

Current Events
A dedication ceremony for the Hamilton and Catherine Roddis House will be taking place in early September to recognize its historical significance to the City of Marshfield.  A granite plaque with a brief narrative of the property’s history will be installed on the property.  Date and time of the ceremony to be announced.

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Hamilton and Catherine Roddis House

1980 Photo
Roddis House - 1980

2010 Photo

Roddis House - 2010

The Hamilton and Catherine Roddis House was designed by Gus A. Krasin and was built in the Dutch Colonial Revival style in 1914.  This is one of the finest examples of the Dutch Colonial Revival style in Marshfield, with its elaborate entrances, cornices, and windows, the sun porch wing, the entry portico supported by columns, and the side-facing gambrel roof.  The interior of the house has been handsomely detailed while retaining the classical elegance of the Colonial Revival style.

The House is historically significant not only because it exhibits a very high degree of architectural integrity but also because it is associated with Hamilton Roddis, an important industrial and civic leader in Marshfield’s history in the period of 1900-1960.  The House was built to accommodate Hamilton and Catherine’s growing family, which has maintained continuous ninety-six year occupancy of the home, as their daughter, Augusta still resides there.  Hamilton was the eventual president of the Roddis Lumber and Veneer Company, which was a great contributor to Marshfield’s economy, and allowed him to donate more than fifty million dollars to the Marshfield community to fund schools and churches.  Hamilton was also an alderman for the Fourth Ward prior to the First World War and sat on the Executive Board of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

It was listed on the State Register in April of 2008, the Marshfield Municipal Register in June of 2008, and the National Register in November of 2008.

A dedication ceremony took place in early September to recognize the historical significance of the Roddis House to the City of Marshfield.  A granite plaque with a brief narrative of the property’s history was installed on the property.

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